About Boomtown Bliss

Boomtown (Merriam-Webster): a town enjoying a business or population boom

Bliss (Merriam-Webster): complete happiness

When I first started this blog in 2013, it was because my sister Brooklyn made me. Seriously. Trust me, when Brooklyn tells you to do something, you pretty much do it. Also, she is my younger sister, which makes her ability to intimidate confounding and hilarious. What is truly impressive, however, was her ability to see that I was embarking on an adventure that I could not recognize.

As a child, journaling was my outlet. As an adult, I haven’t been able to break the habit. I graduated college a Journalism major with a Business minor.  Life took a different path than I expected (imagine that!), and a couple years later I ended up with a Master’s degree and a first grade classroom in Arizona. I left that all behind so I could marry my oilfield man, Sam. We went straight from a tropical honeymoon to the frigid late fall temps of Williston, North Dakota. I was incredibly nervous, having heard all the horror stories of the boom, tales of little towns over-flowing with oilfield workers and crime. I didn’t see adventure at the time. I was afraid of all the unknowns, of leaving my family, friends, and all the things I enjoy about suburbia and the city. I begrudgingly promised my sister I would write about life out here, about the “adventure”.

It is now January 2017, and I am reviving the blog I abandoned. It has been renamed, because our adventure has changed. It went from newlyweds living in a camper on the prairie (sure they would be hauling out within two years to live somewhere else, anywhere else…), to newlyweds with a new baby, needing to put down roots and do their best to flourish in a place they never planned to be.  I promised myself when I moved to this little town in the middle of nowhere that I would never say, “I hate it here”. I promised myself I would find a way to make it home, that I would live life here without wishing I were living it somewhere else. This is the story of us finding joy and flourishing in an unlikely place.


2 thoughts on “About Boomtown Bliss

  1. I love it! Someday you are going to be so grateful for documenting this. And I love the Laura Ingalls connection! See, I knew we were soulmates.

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