You Can Have It All…Except Maybe You Can’t

Today marked a year since I started my job as an evening reporter, news anchor and producer. I’d like to say that after a year as a full-time working mom, we finally have everything figured out as a family, and most days our on-point schedule leaves us feeling closer as a family and excited for… Continue reading You Can Have It All…Except Maybe You Can’t

Tea with Intent to Celebrate

First day as a homemaker, October 30ish, 2013. If you had been standing in the middle of that camper as I unpacked boxes of wedding gifts and “can’t-live-without” housewares, you would have A) actually been sitting on the kitchen counter (there was literally no way to walk through the camper) and B) been questioning why on earth I… Continue reading Tea with Intent to Celebrate

Aaaaand We’re Back!

I’m always inspired by the promise of a new year. I am that person, the one that jumps out of her Christmas sweater and into something sparkly, who forces a “celebration” on tired family members because darn it, I will feeI deprived if there isn’t some kind of corny, ode-to-the-past champagne toast and faux enthusiastic… Continue reading Aaaaand We’re Back!

mud and miracles…it’s been quite the week in the oil patch

You know those days where nothing goes quite right, and it seems like every tiny little task becomes an enormous inconvenience? I have those days a lot. So much in fact, that I’ve really struggled with major anxiety these past few months. Randomly, I become aware that I’m bottling up so much negative anticipation that… Continue reading mud and miracles…it’s been quite the week in the oil patch