You Can Have It All…Except Maybe You Can’t

Today marked a year since I started my job as an evening reporter, news anchor and producer. I’d like to say that after a year as a full-time working mom, we finally have everything figured out as a family, and most days our on-point schedule leaves us feeling closer as a family and excited for… Continue reading You Can Have It All…Except Maybe You Can’t

Keds, the library…and everything changes

Before I had kids, I always heard, “Becoming a mother changes you”. I would nod, thinking, “DUH. You’re more tired, less time for yourself, I get it.” I was sure I knew what it was all about, this motherhood thing. I’d been in┬áthe eldest sibling role from age two, I’d babysat tons and even been… Continue reading Keds, the library…and everything changes