And so it begins…

And so it begins...

Life is about to get really interesting. Besides getting married in 6 weeks, I’ll also be moving to North Dakota to join my love in the oil fields. Those changes aren’t drastic enough for us, so we decided to up the ante by buying a trailer to live in. I’m excited, terrified, worried about where the HOUDINI I am going to put my wardrobe, but God bless my husband-to-be, we searched two days and found the only trailer that came with a legit closet.
My sister (also an owner of a substantial wardrobe) thinks I should spend all the extra free time I’ll have (cleaning a trailer doesn’t require much effort) writing about this whole crazy experience. So here it is. A newbie blog about a girly-girl starting the adventure of a lifetime in black gold country. We’ll see how this goes.

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