Day Dreams


ImageOur beyond amazing wedding photographer took this photo. I feel like I have the most wonderful, dreamy life every time I look at it.

The days just fly by out here. I wake up, go to work, and the next thing I know it is January 20th. How did that happen? Yesterday was the 5th, I’m pretty sure. One thing I do know is that the faster the days go, the closer we’re getting to warm weather. But that is deceiving, saying it that way. We’re not close to warm weather and we won’t be close even in March. Nature has been faking us out over here the past couple weeks. It has been warm (30s after -40s feels like springtime in Florida, let me tell you!), warm enough to turn the dirt roads into glorious mud and make stubborn ice on the ground so slick you could ice skate on it. I’ll take the mud over ice any day, not because it is any less slick (trust me, it is every bit as slippery) but because if I fall, I will hear “squish” and not “crack”!

It’s funny how your perspective on things changes depending on where you live. Pretty sure mud never looked beautiful to me when I lived back home, but it does now. I’m serious. It means more here than a mess in the car or tracking in muck. Here, mud gives me hope that the elements are going to continue on mildly dancing around winter. I’m told winter isn’t done with us yet, and I am sure that is true. But as long as the mud is caking up my boots, I’m grateful. It could be soooooo much worse!

What does all this talk about mud have to do with my beautiful wedding photo? I’m not sure. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about how simple life really is, when we strip out all the nonsense; how easy it is to be grateful, if only we would. I only have a handful of pictures from the wedding. The amazing woman who photographed our day has family she needs to care for right now, so wedding pictures will have to wait. She was very sweet and managed to send a few of Sam and I. I’m savoring each one. Those five pictures make me so happy; I am beyond excited to see the rest. But I don’t need them NOW. Just like I don’t need spring NOW. I’m content knowing it won’t be winter forever.


6 thoughts on “Day Dreams

  1. That photo is absolutely breathtaking!!! You look so ethereal! I’m sorry I missed calling you the other night. We should just ring one another up at random and surprise each other 😉 I feel God speaking through in your post. He has been teaching me a *lot* about patience. Our human perception of patience is so rushed. We think we are being patient, when in reality, we’re only being antsy. You are ever in my prayers and I cannot *wait* until the rest of your photos are revealed!!!! Much love from AZ! ❤

    1. Love you Emily! Thank you for such encouraging words! I totally hear you on the “antsy”- I am queen of “antsy”! I literally PACE the floor like a madwoman when I’m talking on the phone. Apparently sitting down would be way too calm and relaxed. 🙂 Speaking of phones, haha, no guilt necessary with missed phone calls, I will try to ring at random sometime this week perhaps!

  2. Bre,
    I just finished reading all of your Blog. I find the writing humorous and engaging. Possibly after watching you for a year in a stable job I can chuckle about your worry about everything. Remember, I always told you to relax and it would be OK. The picture of you in jeans, bundled up, and installing insulation shows how far you have come. I would have never believed it without the picture!

    I, for one, have no doubt that you will be successful no matter what you are doing. You are a very determined young lady and your work ethic is amazing. The kitties will grow on you in time and will be fine. But, until you worry a little less remember Queso is your friend.

    I look forward to following your Oil Field Adventures.

    Take care,
    Paul M

  3. Dear Paul,
    Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. I miss working with you! I hope you are enjoying this year. 🙂 I noticed you have a blog, which I am going to check out on my day off! I am very curious as to what you have been up to. 🙂
    Many hugs!

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